Wednesday, April 17, 2013


I have enjoyed seeing the entries coming in for the Your Child at Play Photo Contest!  I love to see moms excited about capturing memories of their child at play!  I am extending the contest to end on May 6th, 2013 at midnight.  The image submitted must be taken during the contest dates of April 8th, 2013 and May 6th, 2013.  The winner will be announced within a week of contest end, in order to allow the judges time for voting.  The original rules stated one subject, one entry per household.  I still will only accept one entry per household but I forgot one very important thing!  The very thing your child may love to play with the most is their sibling(s)!!!  

Don't be shy, get out your cameras and share what you capture!  I hope to see many more entries soon!  Share this contest with your friends too!  Click here to see the contest rules.

xo, JA

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Texas Bluebonnets and Ladybugs!

It's official the Bluebonnet Fields are finally blooming in the DFW Metroplex!  Woot! Woot!

This week I spent some time with Mr. J and his family to celebrate his milestone of turning 2 and the exciting baby #2 that is on his way!  Mr. J brought this family and I together and it has been such a wonderful Client/Photographer relationship!  I feel like I am part of the family and have loved every minute of capturing this families story!  I can't wait to share their Maternity Session soon!  We decided to to take advantage of the beautiful Bluebonnets and capture mommy and son out in the fields together before baby #2 arrives.  Not only do I become apart of my clients family but they come to know mine as well!  I brought my little girl with me and of course she was eager to assist mommy with the session.  Here she is with Mr. J looking at the ladybug that landed on his knee.

Here is Mr. J's reaction to that ladybug on his knee......not so sure about it....

My daughter was happy to find more bugs to share with this little sweetie.  Love how he is intently watching her explore for another ladybug....

Seeing how kind and loving my daughter was in this moment, made my heart go pitter patter.  She was opening up Mr. J's eyes to the world of mother nature and the cute little ladybugs.    

Get ready mama now your son is ready for his 1st bug kit and is ready to explore the world of ladybugs and rolie polies.

Being a kid is the best!  Being a mom of those kids.......priceless.

Don't forget to enter the YOUR CHILD AT PLAY Contest ending April 24th!  Capture your little one playing or doing something they love.  How will you show that in your image to tell that story?  Get creative!  

Much Love, JA

Monday, April 8, 2013


So many people say to me, wow you must have awesome pictures of your kids being a Photographer.  I have to say I sometimes feel like my own little subjects are the hardest ones for me to capture!  The camera happens to be in their face all of the time and I tend to get some resistance from them at times.  Here is a great example of my child resisting mama's efforts:

When I encourage my child to play and just let mama play with her camera then I am able to capture them doing things that they love.  Here are some examples of my daughter playing.  She loves to dress up in nice clothes, she is super girly and super wild at the same time.  She loves to play outside and swing on the playset, in a dress of course! 

 In the image below you can see her dog sitting in the grass, she always brings her dog outside when she plays.

Now it is your turn to be the Photographer!  I am so excited to see what all of you moms out there capture of your child at Play!  Contest runs from April 8th, 2013 thru midnight May 6th, 2013.  Contest winners will be announced within a week of contest end.  

**NOTE:  The contest was extended to end on May 6th, 2013.  The above brochure info. is incorrect.

I hope to see many of you mama's out there capturing your own child at play through Photography!  Looking forward to seeing your entries soon!  So excited!!!


1. Image must be captured during the dates of April 8, 2013 and May 6, 2013 to qualify.
2. Entries must be received no later than midnight on May 6, 2013.
3. One entry per household.  Subject must be 6 years old or younger.
4. Only original images may be submitted.  Photographer must be the mom or dad of the child.
5. By submitting an entry via email to you give Jill Ann Melton, owner of Photography by Jill Ann, permission to post your image onto her Blog and/or Facebook Page, as well as, share with the judges.    
6. All contest entries will be shared on and/or at after the contest ends.  
7. Entries must be appropriate in nature to qualify, this is determined by Photography by Jill Ann.
8. Judges are some fabulous Photographers from the Me Ra Koh Photography Workshop Jill Ann recently attended!
9. Judges will look for composition, is your child at play and/or is it reflective of a personality trait, does the image tell the viewer a story and/or is it engaging to the viewer.  Does the image reflect what was described in your contest entry sentence.
10. No fancy camera required, Just a heart to capture an image reflecting your child at play doing something they love!
11. Contest available to DFW, TX and Waukesha, WI entrants only. (Wisconsin entrants see details of prize redemption for your area)

1. “LIKE” the Photography by Jill Ann Facebook Page to Enter and click “LIKE” under the Photo Contest Status shared on the page.  
2. Image needs to be under 2mb in size and in jpeg format.  
3. Email the image to:
4. Please type the following on the Subject line of your email: PLAY PHOTO CONTEST ENTRY 2013
5. Must include the following information or your entry will not be accepted:  Your Name, Child’s Age, your email address, your cell # and ONE Sentence that describes your image.
6. If any of the above information is missing in your email, Jill Ann will not be contacting any entrant to gather this info.  It will be disqualified automatically. 

Grand Prize:  
15 Minute Mini Session with Photography by Jill Ann for the subject entered into the contest only (no family sessions).  Session will be at a location in McKinney pre-determined already by the Photographer.  SESSION MUST TAKE PLACE IN MAY/JUNE 2013.  Receive 1 Pose on a 12x12 Mounted Gallery Wrap Canvas.  ($137.50 Value)
2nd Place:   
Gift Certificate for 1 - 11x14 Mounted Professional Print  ($65 Value).  Gift Certificate may be used for future sessions only and must be redeemed at proofing session.  Expires December 2013.
3rd Place:  
Gift  Certificate for 1 - 8x10 Mounted Professional Print  ($55 Value).  Gift Certificate may be used for future sessions only and must be redeemed at proofing session.  Expires December 2013.
NOTE: Wisconsin entrants accepted.  Must be available the 1st 2 weeks of August 2013 to redeem the mini session/gallery wrap canvas grand prize.  Grand prize mini session would take place in Hartland or Oconomowoc Wisconsin only.  2nd and 3rd prizes can be redeemed with a booked session in August 2013.  Due to Photographer availability in Wisconsin all prizes valid only during the 1st 2 weeks of August 2013.  By entering the contest you acknowledge that you are aware of the redemption dates for Wisconsin prizes.  

Monday, April 1, 2013

Me Ra Koh Confidence GRAD!

Here goes!  My first blog post.......oy vey!

One month ago I posted on Facebook that I was bursting at the seams with excitement because I was about to realize a dream come true!  That day I was off to the Womens Confidence Photography Workshop in Tacoma, WA with the truly amazing Me Ra Koh!  Attending this Workshop has been a dream of mine for several years, the connection I felt with this Photographer was something special and I wanted so badly to connect with her and learn all that she knows about this wonderful world of Photography.  I thought I would never invest to get hands on training with Me Ra and told myself that it was exactly that....just a dream.  However, God had a different plan for me.  Last Spring I had the privilege and honor of meeting Me Ra in person right here in Dallas.  The story of how that happened is truly only one God could write.  After one hug and a glimpse of her contagious smile and vibrant personality, I knew I would be booking the next Confidence Workshop!    When I left for the Workshop I had hopes to learn more about the Camera, capturing beautiful light, using the opportunity of the weekend to step back and clarify the artist God meant me to be and to awaken my creative spirit beyond the many hats I wear running a successful Photography business.  Let me just tell you, I came home with all of those things and so much more!  

Me Ra touches your heart on so many levels, her technique of teaching is beyond amazing.  Its like she hands you this new found freedom with your camera and your confidence in a neat little package by the weekend end. (with a bright smile of course)  I feel so much excitement for what the future holds for me, my business and for my amazing clients.  I have been blessed by an Angel and plan on soaring from here!  My creative spirit is alive and I am excited to "Celebrate the ones you love" in a bigger way!  

At the workshop Me Ra sets up two live sessions to practice what she teaches.  Day 1 was the baby sessions.  It was a different experience shooting with other Photographers when I am used to going it alone.  I was a bit nervous but excited at the same time to try new things.  My little subject was a 3 month old, which is a challenging stage for me.  Look at this sweet face! 

It was neat to see how we could utilize mom to capture sweet moments with baby since he was not sitting up or pushing up yet.  Here are some of those images:

Day 2 was the family sessions!  Here is where I found myself again!  I was pushed to create and feed off of the other Photographers.  I felt that old creative spirit I began my Photography journey with come alive during this session.  I love candid Photography and love capturing true moments with my clients.  I was able to let go during this session and capture the beauty I saw in this family from my perspective.  It was neat to see what each Photographer saw from their point of view.  Here is some of what I captured on Day 2:


Here is my favorite image from this session, I love the amount of joy and love that this image expresses between the father and his boys.  

I cannot express in words how much the weekend with Me Ra filled my soul!  I am grateful that I was blessed with the opportunity to attend this amazing experience that Me Ra and Brian offer.  I am forever changed and forever blessed by Me Ra, Brian and all of the amazing women my heart has been touched by!

I'm ready to soar!  Soar with CONFIDENCE!  

I feel like celebrating!  I have several wonderful Photographers from this Workshop that are ready to see YOUR creative spirit as moms capture your own child at play!  Stay tuned to my blog for details on a contest where YOU are the Photographer and your subject is your own little one!  

Much Love, JA

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