Monday, August 12, 2013

2013 WI Mini Sessions

Every August I have the privilege of Photographing families and kids in my Hometown in Wisconsin.  I look forward to this time of year to get the chance to get creative right where I grew up!  So much fun was had with everyone that joined me this go around! 

Here is a tiny peek into Wisconsin Sessions this year:

I love spending time with these sisters every summer.  They were serious, goofy and just all around fun to hang out with!  This image of Miss N will be a great wall portrait to add to this families living room decor.  

I love this moment captured when she wasn't looking my direction....

.....and capturing the moments in between.

I look forward to sharing more from this family session but I thought it was so funny how storytelling this image was.  Mr. C was not having photo time and he was letting me know that!  Mom, I promise we have some amazing images of the kids and YES of the family too!  

Oh my goodness it has been a few years since I photographed this family.  I loved seeing how they have changed.  Can I just say they have the most gorgeous glass blue eyes!

 Such a handsome family!

A few years ago I got to spend time with this mom and dad for an amazing couples session and now it melts my heart to see them with their 1 year old baby girl!  What a joy to get to meet their 1st born!  Miss E is precious!  I loved that dad called her "Squirm", such a cute enduring nickname for this sweet girl that pointed at everything and made the sweetest expressions checking out the world around her.  

 She loved playing with Daisies from mamas garden.

These boys are my sweet Cousins!  I can't get enough of spending time with them!  They are hysterical and get along so well.  Hearing siblings laugh together is priceless and these siblings LOVE to laugh!

I love when kids have their own ideas for a great image....

More twins joined me this summer for their High School Senior Portraits.  This is such a neat playful sibling image!  It was great sharing laughs and fun with the two of them. Congrats and best wishes to you both!

I was greeted by hugs from all 4 girls when I arrived at this session!  I love coming "home" to this family of sweet sisters every August!  

Little Miss L, Oh how you have grown in the past year!!

This session is bittersweet for me.  This Seniors mom and I go way back, we stood up in each other's weddings.  Now here I am capturing their eldest son's High School Senior Portraits.  What a handsome guy he has grown up to be!  I wish you the best in your Senior Year and your future endeavors!  BTW, your mom is the best! Just sayin'......

Thank you ALL for another successful year in Wisconsin!  Love spending time there every summer!  SEE Y'ALL NEXT YEAR!!!


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