Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Transition. September Blog Circle

This month's Blog Circle is focused around Transition.  When I think about transition at this time of year, returning to routine comes to mind.   Summer is full of vacations, last minute plans, entertaining the kids and at times just relaxing at the pool. In my world, summertime does not include any sort of a routine or schedule.  As the chaos of the summer comes to an end I love the transition into what is familiar....routines.

Is it horrible that I welcome the beginning of the school year with open arms?  I function better when I live in the world of routine!  This school year is bittersweet, both of my kiddos ventured off to the school yards!  It is hard to believe my baby is old enough to go to Kindergarten! I followed them from our front door to the classroom with my camera in tow.  It's what I do!

 With school the homework BEGINS!

Dance class BEGINS!

Tennis Lessons BEGIN!

For our sweet dog Hazel more time for sleeping begins! (instead of 20 hours of sleep, she now gets 22 hours of sleep)

The biggest transition for me this fall, is not only having an actual schedule for working while both kids are in school but the transition into partnering with Me Ra Koh!  I am so thrilled to bring the Confidence she gave me in February 2013 to all the beautiful women in the Dallas area!! Woot! Woot!!  

So excited to take the confusion of your camera and simplify it so you control IT and IT doesn't control you! Are you looking for that push to be more Confident with your camera? Are you looking for some Confidence in your life as you transition into this fall season?  

Join me this November 9th, 2013 for an experience that will last a lifetime and gain the Confidence to find your creative voice to be the Storyteller for your family. Growing Confidence Workshops have arrived in Dallas, Texas Y'ALL!  Look how excited Me Ra Koh's husband Brian is for all you ladies!

Now jump on over to a fellow Texan Confidence Teacher, Luz Veronica with Chiaro Perfecto Photography and see what Transition means to her!

xo, JA

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Motorcycles, Sons and Daddy Oh my! {McKinney Child Photographer}

Capturing those sweet smiles, giggles and bright eyes from your kiddos makes my heart happy!  

However, being invited into your family and having the opportunity to tell your families story, revealing something that is important to you or catching you in the moment of family bliss through images is where my heart really wants to be!  

Mr. L has reached his 18 month milestone and is tottin' around exploring this world around him!  How do we capture this little guys milestone and share a story about something daddy wants to share with his son?  On daddy's Harley Davidson Motorcycle of course!!!

I have to say this is the largest "prop" I have brought to an on location session to date!!! 

Here is daddy unloading the "prop" for the session.

Father and Son getting ready to create art that daddy is going to love!

Can you see these images proudly displayed in daddy's office?

What about seeing Mr. L on this same motorcycle when he is a teenager?

Thank you so much sharing Mr. L's first 18 months with me!  I have had so much fun getting to know your family and watching him grow since his newborn session.  I so loved including your motorcycle into these memories!  

What "prop" would you love to include in your memories?  Grandma's favorite chair, a special quilt or other heirloom handed down through generations, your child's favorite toy, sports equipment/jersey's from the earlier years?   The possibilities are endless, the memories are priceless.....

JA, xoxoxox

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