Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Growing Confidence Photography Workshop - February 2014

Another amazing day with FIVE beautiful women ready and eager to grow their confidence with their DSLR's!  I am so so proud of how these women grew their Confidence not only on the day of the Workshop but continuing forward since then!  My heart beams with joy watching the latest images they have captured since taking their camera off AUTO and on MANUAL!  

We spent the day diving into the details of Aperture, ISO and Shutter Speed and how the magic 3 work together.  Instead of having AUTO decide the lighting, the subject, the setting and what story you are trying to capture, these gals can now make those decisions on their own!  The AUTO setting does not know if you have a sleeping baby in front of your camera or an active 2 year old.  A subject that sits still or a child on the field playing soccer!  However, mom does know and she now knows how to capture it!

Before the Workshop I had these lovely ladies send me images to show me what frustrates them when using their DSLR Camera.  The common theme was blurry images and images that are too dark, here are a few samples of what they shared:

Does this happen to you?  

By teaching them the ins and outs of the Magic 3 they can now take control of these images to help them tell the story beautifully!  Let's take a look at the ladies at work during our live shoots of two sweet mom and baby combos. See what they captured during their 1st try at manual utilizing the knowledge they soaked in earlier in the day!  

As you can see they were having a great time and so were the models!

Both babies were so happy to be there and loved hamming it up for the camera!  Or should I say cameras!!

Let's dive into how the moms did with their new found knowledge of their new BEST FRIEND the DSLR!

Mom looks smitten with her sweet baby boy here!  I adore images of how babies suck their thumb, especially when that one finger has to touch their nose.  Wonderful Storytelling image here from Stephanie. Love moms hands around babies belly and the inclusion of her wedding ring too. Great job Stephanie, this mom will love having this memory to look back on!

Stephanie composed this shot perfectly with baby in mamas lap. I love her cute baby chub, her special bunny and that sweet chubby foot on the right hand side.  Great use of the rule of thirds!

One of the important storytelling components is defining details.  Pam nailed it with this image of babies sweet little toes!  We were smitten with the adorable, ruffly leggings she showed up in and so I love this image even more that Pam caught that detail too! Her piggies are so cute!

Just when we thought the shoot was over Pam captured this sweet image of mom holding baby in his diaper!  Shows us all of that delicious baby cuteness and how small baby is in moms arms during this season of their life.  This is a fleeting moment that mom will love to look back on to remember how she was able to hold him in this way!

I heart candid images of mothers with their kiddos.  Cathleen captured this perfectly while mom was playing with baby girl! I love that their heads are touching and that your eye is drawn to their relationship in this image.  Beautiful job Cathleen!
This little guy was a roller!  Cathleen captured his sweet smile as he rolled over.  Not to mention every time this lil' guy rolled around his hair stood up!  Love the added detail of his hair!  Could you not just eat him up? Sweet capture Cathleen!

The next 4 images are from Confidence Student Debbie!  She mentioned that she was afraid of her camera in the beginning of the day and went on to share in her survey that her biggest takeaway from the day was "not being afraid of my camera"!  A-HA!  That makes me so happy to hear!  She absolutely wasn't afraid as she went after the sweet defining details of babies hand or baby holding their feet.  Debbie captured the joy both babies were feeling that day too! The Confidence that grew in Debbie as the day progressed was awesome!  So proud of you girl!

Katy captured this precious moment of mom and baby interacting with one another!  Can you see the love they share?  The composition is fantastic, the moment is perfection and the blasted out window is AH-MAZING!  Fantastic job here Katy!

OH MY this little guy is so sweet!  Katy captured him perfectly here with catch light in his eyes, his adorable red hair and mamas presence in the background to boot!  Way to go Katy!

These ladies now have what it takes to be the best MOM PHOTOGS on the block!  The images that have been shared with me since their day of Growing Confidence has blown me away! See a few samples below.  I look forward to continue watching them grow as they have now made their DSLR an extension of their heart and are out to capture their family story from this day forward!  Feeling so blessed to be apart of their lives and their storytelling journey!

xo, JA

From the Students:
"Just took the most amazing pictures of my precious 5 year old on her birthday morning! Messy hair and all and they are precious!  Thank you so much for giving me the tools to do this!" - Confidence Student Stephanie

I heart that Stephanie was able to blast out the window light behind her daughter!  

"I am so glad I took this class! I appreciate your positive cheerful attitude and how you made me feel like it is OK to be a beginner!" - Confidence Student Katy

Such a breathtaking image Katy was able to capture of her daughter at her dance competition.  No available natural light, yet she knew what to do!

"It was so fun to see the difference between my current pictures compared to what I was able to take at the workshop.  I can't believe I took those shots...I'm so excited to keep learning...thank you so much for everything" - Confidence Student Cathleen

READY to GROW YOUR CONFIDENCE?  With Mother's Day right around the corner I couldn't think of a better gift to give to yourself and to your family!  Workshop Dates for March and April are now available to sign up! Links below!  SEE YOU THERE! 


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