Tuesday, January 14, 2014

My Color Is GREEN in 2014

My color is GREEN in 2014 and my word is NEW.  Recently I sat down to take a moment for myself just to listen.  I quieted my mind and waited to see what my color and word would be for 2014.   Truly, when Me Ra asked me to do this I didn't believe anything would come to me nor have any meaning for my year. Right?

I set my timer, closed my eyes, quieted the noise in my head and just listened.............

There it was a bright, vibrant, luscious green that made my heart skip a beat.  I immediately started envisioning growth, springtime, all things............NEW.  Yes, my vision for 2014 for ME is in the color GREEN and in the word NEW.  I sat there and thought about flowers, how they start underneath the soil and need water, nurturing and sunlight to become something.  Once the seed receives all that it needs to grow, it sprouts and breaks through the soil as a green stem.  The green stem needs to be watered, nurtured and fed from the light shining on it.  The growth happens quickly and from it opens beautiful blooms.  All that feast their eye on the bloom can now see the beauty that the seed held all along.  They can now take in all that the bloom has to share through their eyes and heart.

I am breaking through the soil and starting new growth in 2014, I see a beautiful bloom happening soon.  I look forward to sharing this with others so they can see it, feel it and experience it with me.

I went to buy myself flowers to represent my color and word for 2014.  I assumed the green that I saw would be in the stem and leaves.  Imagine my surprise when the first bouquet of flowers I saw held green blooms.


Take a moment to see what color or word my fellow Confidence Teacher Janna saw when she took the time to quiet her mind.

xo, JA

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