Tuesday, October 15, 2013

October Blog Circle. COMFORT

Welcome to the October Blog Circle with Me Ra Koh and the Confidence Teacher Team! This month's Blog Circle is around the word COMFORT. Read on to hear what I say about Comfort and then follow the link at the end to the next blog post on Comfort. Grab your coffee, it's gonna be a COMFY Ride!

COMFORT........I sat here at my desk wondering what I should write about to share where I find Comfort in my life. I thought of...
  • ... my cozy socks (I smiled)
  • ... a warm cup of coffee (I got up and got another)
  • ... a morning walk with the sun shining down from the sky (I thought about it but stayed seated)
  • ... my Stress Relief Eucalyptus Spearmint hand lotion (divine, had to put some on)
  • ... a delicious scent filling my home from my Scentsy Warmer (I took a sniff, Mmmmmm, Spiced Pumpkin Pie).  
All those things are comfort "items" to me. However, when I stepped away from my desk for a moment and walked up my staircase I was once again struck by this image displayed of my mom and dad.......I knew then where I find true comfort.

Couple Walking, Parent Love, Marriage

Here you see my parents walking hand in hand down a path that is surrounded by the beauty of God's Creation. I find comfort here for the obvious reason, they are my parents. I love them dearly and still look to them for comfort, reassurance and their unconditional love for me. The not so obvious reason why I find comfort here in this image is a blessing that the eye cannot see.....my father is still walking. Receiving the diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis (MS) in 1999 was a devastating blow to our family. How could my strong daddy that could carry me as a child have MS? What would the future hold for him? He is our rock, the core of our family how could this be? So much sadness engulfed me when we first learned of the news. Can I just say that my dad is a pillar of strength! He has never shown a moment of sadness over this disease not even during our first conversations following the diagnosis. His faith in God is what keeps him going, he knows that God will take care of him every step of the way. This picture was taken three years ago, it is now 14 years since that day the phone call came in of that dreaded MS word and God willing he is still walking. So for the not so obvious reason when I look at this image I see the COMFORT that God has given our family by carrying my father through this disease. Allowing him the ability to continue to walk, to play golf and to enjoy his retirement.  

Yes, my comfort lies in God, it is with him that I find all the Comfort I need. God also is the one that blessed me with the two most amazing parents a girl could ask for, they were the perfect fit for me. 

Are they precious or what?

Couple Photography, Marriage, Love

Couple Photography, Marriage, Love

And our hope for you is firm, because we know that just as you share in our sufferings, so also you share in our comfort.  2 Corinthians 1:7

I Love you mom and dad! xoxo, JA

Grab another cup of coffee and jump into what COMFORT means to....Cathy Mores!

Thursday, October 3, 2013

MAYDAY we have a RUNNER!! Not to Worry!

Mayday we have a Runner!  Does this happen to you at your family photo sessions with your young children?  This is so common when kids turn one and discover this new thing called walking.  It then revolves into the "let's see how fast I can go" stage!  I want to encourage moms that this phase does not need to be frustrating or intimidating.  I want parents to know that it is okay and that the session is very doable!  The best thing to do is stay relaxed and allow your child to enjoy their exploration.

How sweet is it to see Big Brother running after his Baby Sister to "try and stop her".  I can assure you that sister is enjoying this fun game of chase here and that this is most likely a common occurrence in this families home!

One Year Old Running, Kids Chasing

What to do when this happens.  Many times I will just let them go, observe them and follow their lead. Having distractions available to stop them in their tracks is always a good thing.  I find bubbles, a stuffed toy, noise makers (bells), a string of pearls for girls or a wagon to contain them work well.  I will ask the parents to pick up their child to see if they will stop running to get into a family pose, however, if they want down or begin crying we immediately let them go explore again.  It is not worth forcing the issue for a family image. Candid Photography is my favorite because it tells the story of our time together and let's the viewer see what your family is all about during this season in your life.  These are the moments that mean more to mom and dad then any posed image all looking at the camera.  IN FACT, runners actually help the magic happen! 

Here we are giving it a go, gosh I think this moment is precious!  Look at how big brother is totally oblivious to the chaos. Mom and dad have joy on their faces because this is their season and its real.  Then the one year old saying "not gonna happen, I gotta keep runnin'"! Do you see the story?  I know this family will always remember our time together through this image. As their children grow and mature, this image will make them laugh and they will remember this fleeting moment in their lives.

Family Photo Child Crying

The truth about our time together is that we got so many great moments like this one below.  Because we had a runner, precious moments like this were made.  THIS is what storytelling is all about.  THIS is what makes mom and dad remember this season in their life 20 years from now.  THIS is the image that will allow dad to feel that feeling of holding and loving on his baby girl over and over again.  THIS is why I love Photography so much, all the moments captured whether running, crying or just a pure loving moment they all hold a special place in our hearts. 

Dad Daughter Moment, Father Daughter, Daddy Daughter

To the R Family, I have loved every minute we have shared together at your sessions.  I am so excited to share the many more moments I captured of your family together!  You are blessed with two blessings from above!  Thank you for sharing YOUR FLEETING moments with me! 

xoxo, JA

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