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Photography Workshop with 3 Beautiful Creative Moms!

Three more beautiful, creative moms joined me this April to Grow their Confidence with their DSLR Cameras!  This month's Photography Workshop was beyond amazing!  My life is forever touched by each one of these precious women that came to learn, grow and awaken their creative spirit through their camera's lens!  We laughed, we cried and we enjoyed every minute of our day together!  It was freezing outside that day so Megan was trying to keep us all warm with her scarf!  Thanks Megan!

The gals received this adorable SWAG Bag when they arrived filled with goodies, including a $100 Gift Certificate to Photography by Jill Ann, Me Ra Koh's book YOUR CHILD IN PICTURES, a 50 Page Growing Confidence Workbook and some more goodies!

All morning was spent on camera settings, shutter speed, ISO, aperture, lighting, composition and my personal favorite storytelling!  As we dove into the details of the magic 3 (shutter speed, ISO, aperture) I heard Confidence Student Megan say, "ahhhh, I get it!".  Oh how my heart sores when I see the moms have A-ha moments!

By the afternoon we did some fun exercises to practice adjusting our aperture and shutter speed to see the affect it had on our images.  After we enjoyed some girl time having lunch together "Mr. Bear" arrived to meet the gals so they could practice getting their settings ready before the models arrived.  "Mr. Bear" has joined me at my shoots since the beginning of my business.  He either brings laughter to the kids by his amazing flying stunts through the air, receives lots of hugs and love from the littles or he just joins them because he has amazing modeling skills.  I decided that since he is such a great assistant at my shoots that he would be a great help at my Workshops too!  Isn't he cute!

The gals practiced their new skills on "Mr. Bear" first and were ready when the models arrived!  We had two models; one sweet 3 month old baby girl and a beautiful little girl that was ready to pose for the camera the moment she got there!

While this sweet baby girl was kicking her legs on the floor Megan captured those sweet baby blues and lil' smile perfectly!

Not only was this sweet girl full of smiles and active kicking she loved showing off her amazing skills on her tummy!  I don't think I have seen a baby prop up so well right at 3 months!

The cutest thing was the moment right before the above image. Shauna captured her look of excitement below!  Is that adorable or what!?

This image of mom adoring her baby girl melts my heart!  She is looking right at the camera and mom is in the moment watching her baby ham it up for the gals!  Great job Shauna!

Valerie captured mama holding baby girl over her shoulder.  I love the presence of mom smiling at her daughter here.  Such a great capture Valerie!  

I also loved this image of baby girl trying to chew on her fist but getting moms sleeve too. Moms smile in the right third of the image is a perfect addition to this storytelling image. Truly remarkable Valerie!  So proud!

The second model arrived, ready to show off her big beautiful eyes, sweet bouncy curls and her ability to win over our hearts!  Look at this capture from Valerie.  She got the buttery, blurry background that she wanted to capture and focused on this sweet face! Mom is sure to love!

I had an opportunity to teach Valerie how to get rid of those cheesy smiles when kids say cheese!  Here Valerie is using the word I use to avoid those squinty eyes and cheesy smiles "Puppy". I'd say that's a sweet expression captured using this new trick!

Shauna captures a full length image of this sweet girl in the same pose below.  Shauna this is truly so sweet, I love that she's looking right at you and that you can see her cute sundress in this image too!  You nailed this shot!

This was another great capture from Shauna showing how she was posing for the camera. Her chin tucking towards her shoulder giving you just that much more personality!  I can hear her saying "yeah, I know I'm cute!".  Love this Shauna!

Megan spent some time with lil' girl and poses her on her tummy for another sweet image! I always love this pose for this age.  

Megan surprises me with this sweet creative image of placing her by the window sill.  I absolutely adore this! Beautiful Megan! Your settings were spot on! Way to rock this image!

Seriously, can you not get over how great these gals did just HOURS after learning how to shoot in MANUAL Mode!  They took control of the camera for 2 hours deciding what the ISO, Aperture and Shutter Speed settings should be to get a good exposure and in focus images ALL ON THEIR OWN!  These ladies deserve kudos for taking this opportunity to learn their camera well so they can go home to be the BEST storytellers for their family!  I can already tell you, I have seen what these ladies are capturing at home since they left this Workshop and their family photos will NEVER be the same!  I am so so proud of each of these ladies for having the Confidence to spend the day with me to bring even more Confidence back home to their families!

The ladies got a lil' creative with "Mr. Bear" when I wasn't looking!  Thank you for sharing these images with me ladies!  Here he is brushing up on his Camera Skills with the Growing Confidence Workbook.

My favorite, "Mr. Bear" the Photographer!

Are you ready to Grow your Confidence with your DSLR Camera the weekend after Mother's Day!  Spend the day with Jill Ann on MAY 17TH! This Workshop is the best Mother's Day Gift you could ask for! There are already ladies signed up and ready to go, are you going to be joining them?  

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