Monday, July 8, 2013

Your Child's Lovie - Capturing that Special Bond in Photos

Does your child have a special Lovie in their life?   One that has been through their life journey from the time that they were babies?  Lovie's can be a blanket, a special stuffed toy, or anything that your child must have with them for added comfort.  Lovie's are those special things that your baby attaches too and needs when napping or going down at nighttime.  Something that comforts them when they are outside of their normal environment.  

My son and daughter both have lovie's in their life and I love to add them into images I capture of them during their childhood. It is one of those really deep special bonds that carry them through their childhood years.  My son has a "binkie" (blanket) and my daughter also has a "binkie" but also has her stuffed "Sprinkles" the Giraffe.  If these lovie's are so very important to them, then I believe it is just as important to capture these in their childhood memories through our Photography.  How special for them to be able to look back at these images in adulthood.  They will look at their photo memories with their lovie and feel the special bond they had with them as a child again.  Although they may not admit it to mom, I know they will feel that security and love they felt for their lovie through memories captured like these...

My very good friend has a daughter that is now 9, she also has the Sprinkles the Giraffe as her lovie.  She has been attached to this sweet little Giraffe since babyhood.  I wanted to capture her special bond with her Lovie and tell the story through imagery.  Here she is snuggling her sweet Sprinkles.

This is another perspective of the closeness they share.  Aren't they just so sweet together?

I wanted to capture the bond she has and the importance of having Sprinkles in her life.  Here she is in her bedroom showing that she is growing up, yet she is still smitten with her lovie.  

I couldn't resist this pose, I saw some beautiful light shining in her sisters room and loved how dark the room was so I had to capture it one more time. 

I have known this sweet girl since she was born and have witnessed her and her special lovie's bond through the years.  Ever since she was a baby she would take Sprinkles paw and hold it over her mouth while the rest of his body dangles out of her hand.  I can remember times of her as a small toddler in the car seat on our way to the zoo.  I would turn around to see her all snug in her car seat and holding Sprinkles paw over her mouth.  She felt so secure and safe having him with her wherever she went.  The way she did this with Sprinkles is a very important piece to her story with her Lovie.  I had to capture that intimate bond so she can always remember how she held her sweet Sprinkles the Giraffe.

Do you see how the light brings you into her world and shares her special bond with Sprinkles.  I can still see her as a baby doing this same thing.  Gosh I love and adore this girl!  I love Sprinkles too, don't you?

Who is your child's lovie?  If they are younger, think about including their lovie in images you capture through the years.  If your child is older, yet still has their lovie, it is not too late.  Capture them now with their lovie, it will bring back all of those memories of them as a small child with their special friend.

Much Love,

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