Monday, June 16, 2014

May Growing Confidence Photography Workshop for Moms PART 1 {McKinney, TX - Me Ra Koh Confidence Teacher}

What a blessed May Growing Confidence Photography Workshop for Moms!  

With several women having commitments come up that made it impossible to attend this past May Photography Workshop I was left with the decision to either move the date or keep the Workshop as is.  I have a heart for moms to know their DSLR cameras and to be the best storyteller for their family they can be.  I knew that one of the students signed up for the May Workshop had a 6 month old baby at home.  There are so many milestones in a child's life to document! I believe the 1st year of life has the most milestones at one time. As a baby Photographer I witness so many babies each year change and grow by leaps and bounds!  I am always so amazed at how I go from the Newborn session to 1st Year Milestone in the blink of an eye!  Moms with cameras cannot afford to miss those 1st year moments, there is SO MUCH story to be told!  

Sweet Jen's husband bought her the Workshop for Mother's Day, I knew her 2nd born was only 6 months old and my heart could not reschedule this Workshop and allow her to miss out on the next 6 months!  Boy am I glad I did that! You will not want to miss Jen's story on what the Workshop meant to her and what she captured the days following the Workshop!

Here are the 2 sweet ladies that spent the day with me!  We worked so hard during the sessions we were a hot mess but still smilin'!

We had so much laughter and great storytelling throughout the day! Not to mention learning the ins and outs of taking control of their DSLR Cameras and shooting in Manual Mode with CONFIDENCE!

We had 2 baby girl models join us in the afternoon for some Manual Mode practice inside the house and outside!  

I love how Jen and Molly were not afraid to get down to the babies level to capture their cuteness!

This sweet girl was so curious about the camera itself!  She wasn't crawling before she got there but I think she was definitely crawling by the time the session was over!  Maybe she is a Photographer in the making!

Jen learned the frustrations of how her Kit Lens limits her ability to capture what she sees but forged on and had some great captures!  Jen rocked the detail shots and really grabbed a hold of that very important storytelling element!  Molly nailed utilizing mama in the background to add to the story and had her shutter speed working for her to freeze the action!  Check out tomorrow's blog to see what Molly and Jen captured that day!

Don't forget Jen is going to share her experience from her perspective in the 3rd blog this week!  You don't want to miss what she has to say!

WHEN is the next WORKSHOP?  That's the question I keep getting asked!  I am taking the Growing Confidence Workshop to WISCONSIN on June 28th!  There are only a few seats left so hurry to grab your spot!

JUNE 28th, 9:30am to 5:00pm, HARTFORD, WI
Still time to utilize the 20% off Discount Code: earlybird

TEXAS GALS!! Email me if you want to be placed on a special list to contact with the next Workshop sign up date before the public knows!


xo, JA

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